What one needs to note is that rooftop tents come with extra weight, and this weight can affect your hoist. HARKEN Cargo Ceiling Hoist will secure your rooftop tents to ensure they dont get stolen The 4-point hoist can be operated by one person, and comes will all the necessary installation The system is easy to install allowing you to winch your folded Overlanding Roof Top Tent easily for storage, and lowering it safely when needed. A: There is no doubt that hoists do a great job acting as rooftop tents. As the leaves fall and the temperature drops, many of us put away our hiking boots and camp stoves for the season, and swap out our hard shell roof top tent for a ski rack (unless, of course, youve got a Sandpiper or a Falcon, which means you can have the best of both worlds).. Typical tents tend to warm up pretty fast when sitting in the sun, but the combination of windows all around and an insulated roof help keep this tent cool. Builders warehouse and the like only seem to stock these cheap pulleys that really dont look trustworthy. The South African designed and built Rooftop Tent hoist can lift 200KG when correctly mounted to your garage , carport or shed roof. I long deleted it, but there is a photo on TW of people using the small 120v winch sold by Harbor freight to hoist their RTT up into the rafters of the garage. https://www.readytrekgo.com.au/hoist-for-roof-top-tent-mounting Most of the design work for this was completed in Sketchup using careful measurements from the rack and clearances between the rack, roof, and rear mounted spare tire. The best way to store a rooftop tent is to secure it to a ceiling, wall, or raised surface. Hope this helps. Plenty of space to store a Roof Top Tent. Whether you need a Jeep hardtop lift system or a Jeep hoist, we've got everything you need here at 4 Wheel Parts. Get a complete hardtop removal kit from Lange Originals or from Rugged Ridge. Hi all I am wanting to build a pulley system to lift and store a roof top tent inside a large thatch carport. Snag yourself a Smittybilt Wrangler hard top hoist or an industrial DC hoist from Warn, and we've got all the tools and accessories too. The same insulation in the ceiling that keeps the tent warm in the winter also helps keep the TentBox rooftop tent cool under the sun. A multi-purchase system allows one person raise and lower loads to the ground without a stepladder and your load stays balanced no matter how weight is distributed. Harken Hoisters lift loads from up to 45 to 200 lb. The Harken ceiling lift makes single-handed removal, storage & replacement of your tent a five minute job & keeps the tent safely up & out of the way when not in use. Now you can easily remove or install any brand of rooftop tent and awning by yourself . Q: Will the hoisting work for a rooftop tent? Ensure that your crane can accommodate the weight of your rooftop tent without buckling. A simple rope pulley system will do the trick, but I cannot seem to find decent pulleys. This is a high quality product manufactured with all steel gears. They are perfect for ceiling storage of tents, cargo carriers, platforms, ladders, and lots of other space-hogging items. Most rooftop tents are stored in the garage, since theres more room, its protected from the elements, and its not taking up space inside your house. The ledge mates up with the rear track on the base of the tent and keeps the tent from sliding off when it's placed on the rack. my questions are. Order yours today ! Its just a simple mount made with 2 x 4s attached to the ceiling beams. Maggiolina Winter Hood SIze