November 14, 2019 13. enable students to achieve their registration.They include the clinical team,mentors,lecturer-practitioners and practice educators/facilitators. You will fill in two separate confirmation pages (Step 2 and Step 5) - both are required. Complete on the unit and keep a copy with you at all times for the duration of your clinical experience and submit a copy to your school coordinator. For local learning management system (LMS) training/learning modules, your completion will be recorded locally by the HHS and may not be transferable between facilities. If you already hold a valid yellow card or yellow card exemption, you won’t need to get an NDIS worker screening check straight away. Step 3: ... Make sure you are reviewing the correct training materials for your upcoming clinical placement location and role. Students undertaking a clinical placement at a hospital or other health facility require student registration with the relevant national board. These dates are the sole times that orientation can be provided. Nursing Standard. The SSIP helps to reduce administration, provide an improved student learning experience and greater protection of … May 16, 2019 7. NOTE 1: Clinical Facilitators are responsible for the support and education of the student on placement.They provide client/patient care only in accordance with this educational aim and with the explicit consent and support April 11, 2019 6. Please note that different sites utilize different systems and as a result, require different training. The Member admitted that she engaged in professional misconduct when she engaged in a personal relationship with a patient, accessed the patient’s personal health information without clinical purpose, and failed to take appropriate steps after the patient disclosed plans of self-harm. Student access for group clinicals will be sent to the instructors. If you experience any technical issues with the training module, please email, Safe Patient Handling SMART Moves Training Module, Severe Sepsis & Septic Shock: Priorities for Core Measure in Adult Sepsis Patients & Resuscitation. You will receive your computer access information prior to the beginning of your clinical. July 2019 Clinical/Field Pre-Placement Health Form Page 3 of 15 Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Instructions: The Student must provide proof that they have received two doses of the MMR vaccine. UK Program 5. October 17, 2019 12. Once bound, you will not be indemnified for confidentiality breaches. You are required to complete this course once-only, prior to commencement of your first clinical placement with Queensland Health. Click the link below to launch the education page. The table below outlines orientation requirements. Mandatory vaccination requirements apply to the majority of frontline clinical roles (including students) within Queensland Health. The commissioning bodies for education in England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you have a confirmed placement with us, you can get orientation information and tasks here. Please remember, reading the modules does not relieve you of your responsibility to locate and review the policies and procedures that have been adopted by each of the health care organizations to which you are assigned. Once this is done, the clinical placement orientation checklist must be completed and given to your University Placement Coordinator or Work Integrated Learning Unit. Price B (2019) Improving nursing students’ experience of clinical placements. Some courses are required to be completed at the placement location. NOTE - If you're a Queensland Health employee, your iLearn username was updated to be your Queensland Health email address ( in December 2019. Please note that you must enter your name and email as entered into the database by your school coordinator. March 14, 2019 5. Upon completion of the courses, be sure to complete the Attestation Form. Use Internet Explorer to complete modules. 4Last | P a g e updated December 2019 Students must not attend clinical placement while unwell as this can place patients at risk. REMEMBER TO MOVE ON TO STEPS 3-5 AFTER REVIEWING THIS INFORMATION. Faculty Support 4. Depending on the HHS you are attending, this may happen prior to, or at commencement of, your clinical placement. Blue cards are issued by the Queensland Government Public Safety Business Agency. Placement providers of human services students can continue to utilise the non-clinical health SSIP. However, if employed at a large health system, the student may obtain a clinical placement at another setting within the system. All requests must be placed by a school coordinator or designee. This only records your completion of this step - please be sure to complete the remaining steps in order to be show completion of all student orientation materials. However, the revised SSIP focuses specifically on clinical health student placements. all students will receive an email notification from our office indicating the school district/school/agency in which they have been placed for their field work. CLINICAL PLACEMENT SOFTWARE & PILOT UPDATE – LAURA JANSSEN Aurora is targeting fall 2020 for uploading student documents, with placements beginning in spring 2021. This orientation represents the MINIMUM requirements to undertake clinical placements in a Queensland Health facility. Be sure to leave adequate time to complete each course. General evacuation instructions (where there is no iLearn module). This checklist is for documentation of department orientation. Orientation checklist. Your progress is not tracked in each course – if you leave a course in the middle, you will need to start again from the beginning. February 14, 2019 4. If you will be attending a clinical placement with an NDIS registered provider in a role the hospital or health service has determined is a “risk-assessed role”, you will require an NDIS worker screening clearance. Clinical faculty can be oriented on the following dates in 2018. Student placements are managed through Ascension WI’s database tool called the Electronic Student Clinical Placement Process (ESCPP). If your placement is in an aged care facility and you will, or are reasonably likely to, have access to aged care recipients as part of your clinical placement, you are required to undergo an aged care criminal history check. July 18, 2019 9. You will not be able to start your placement until you have received a positive notice. Before signing your Deed Poll, however, it is important that you have completed the mandatory orientation outlined in Preparing for your clinical placement. For students to attend clinical placements in NSW Health public health facilities, the following must be met. Good clinical documentation is an integral part of patient care. Monique Forrester, JC82721. Students will no longer need to reach out to and locate a clinical preceptor. doi: 10.7748/ns.2019.e11328. QAS reserves the right to request proof of the completed orientation at any time. Make sure you are reviewing the correct training materials for your upcoming clinical placement location and role. Precepted students will receive their access directly via an encrypted email from Ascension. Once you have finished the items outlined in Steps 1 - 4 (with the exception of the Department Checklist that is completed on the first day of clinical), please CLICK HERE to confirm your completion of the clinical orientation materials. Before commencing a clinical placement, you are required to undertake orientation about the environment you are entering, your practice and interactions with patients/clients, and your safety. The expiry for this undertaking will be determined by the HHS you are attending. Queensland Health is bound by strict obligations in relation to the disclosure of patient identifying information. Student Coordinator 3. You will not be able to start your placement until you have received a positive notice. If you experience any technical issues with the training module, please email It must be completed within the preceding 12 months and with an expiry that covers the period of placement. August 13, 2019. Please note: It is a requirement that you complete orientation and pre-placement checks prior to the commencement of your clinical placement, unless you are unable to access local learning or location-specific modules prior to your placement (referred to in Items 2 and 4, below, and Notes 14 and 17 of the Student Orientation Checklist). 2019-20 Program Orientation Handbook Department of Education Studies Lokey Education Building, ... V. Academic Performance and Clinical Placement Progress 1. Please note: It is a requirement that you complete orientation and pre-placement checks prior to the commencement of your clinical placement, unless you are unable to access local learning or location-specific modules prior to your placement (referred to in Items 2 and 4, below, and Notes 14 and 17 of the Student Orientation Checklist). completion of a course of study qualifying a person for registration, enrolment or authorisation mentioned in (1). Obtaining an appropriate clinical site is the student’s responsibility. Some orientation requires you to access the iLearn learning management system (register as a student), and others require you to undertake training directly with the facility you are attending. September 19, 2019 11. All students must complete orientation before commencing a placement within a Queensland Health facility. If you are a nursing student who will participate in a clinical at the following sites, please review the appropriate computer charting training below. Once again, we want to welcome you to this institution. This content covers the general information all Ascension associates, instructors, and students need to know to successfully contribute to our community. registration, enrolment or other authorisation (however described) to practice as a health professional. Prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders. ... and understand the student placement process at PHSA and its programs. Through the orientation program, you will be introduced to important UGA resources, have the opportunity to connect with other Bulldogs, and be better equipped to be successful at UGA. The Code reflects four ethics principles: Please read the Code of Conduct for more information. All students need to be aware of and comply with Queensland Health’s policies and guidelines related to infection prevention to ensure their own personal safety and that of patients and staff. Students and clinical faculty are required to complete the Online Orientation Program as part of their clinical education experience. Note the links are correct, even though they may direct to a training with a different site listed. If you will be at another Ascension Central - North site not listed , you may continue on to Step 4. Undergraduate Student Registration is meant for RN-BSN students who will learn at the hospital in a short-term placement in conjunction with an affiliated university.An affiliation agreement should already be in place from your sending school. This group of clinical teachers leads orientations, lectures and conferences. Anyone being educated or trained at a public sector health service facility as part of the requirements for the following are bound by that legislation: Any disclosure of patient identifying information can only be permitted where one of the limited exceptions to our duty of confidentiality permits such disclosure. All students must complete an orientation before commencing a clinical placement within the QAS. Student Orientation & Transition Programs is a unit of Student Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Education 301 Bank of America Career Services Center, University Park, PA 16802 | 814-865-4178 | Overview of Student Placement Process. Academic Performance and Clinical Placement Progress 2. August 15, 2019 10. For iLearn modules, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training and must retain this and provide it to your education provider and/or Queensland Health supervisor, as requested. You will not be able to commence your placement until your orientation is completed. Failure to comply with confidentiality obligations may result in termination of your placement and/or further legal action being taken against you by Queensland Health and/or the education provider. From 1 February 2021, new worker screening laws apply in Queensland in relation to services delivered through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Please complete ALL 5 STEPS as you prepare for your clinical experience with an Ascension WI site. as you prepare for your clinical experience with an Ascension WI site. Read more about the new mandatory vaccination requirements, including information about: Before commencing a clinical placement in a Queensland Health facility, students must complete a TB risk assessment questionnaire, in cooperation with their education provider's placement coordinator. To get a Clinical ID, you must have first obtained a JCU Student ID. This undertaking has a 12-month expiry and must be completed for every facility/location that you are attending. This video is unavailable. For more information, refer to Part 7 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (Qld) (PDF, 918KB). registered health practitioners under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and who provide health services that are unrelated to their registration. Students should check with the Health Facility if rostered to a Public Holiday. It must be completed within the preceding 12 months and with an expiry that covers the period of placement. The Queensland Code also applies to students meeting the above criteria. Clinical placements are for students who are enrolled in an Australian Education Provider and who are working towards a health related occupation. You will fill in two separate confirmation pages (Step 2 and Step 5) - both are required. © The State of Queensland (Queensland Health) 1996-2021, Use tab and cursor keys to move around the page (more information), Forensic, biomedical and pathology services, Students enrolled in Australian education facilities,, TB risk assessment questionnaire for students (PDF, 516KB), TB risk assessment administration guidance for education placement coordinators (PDF, 87KB), TB risk assessment frequently asked questions (PDF, 588KB), Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, Queensland Health Cultural Competency Framework, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability Framework 2010-2033, Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (PDF, 1MB), Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (Qld) (PDF, 918KB), Queensland Health employees are to use their existing iLearn account, and. 2019 Clinical Facilitator Guidelines - Midwifery 6 • Attend School/Division/Program team meetings as required. Your existing card can be used until it expires, is suspended, or is cancelled. Click below to begin the registration process. This course has a 12-month validity and must be completed for every facility/location that you are attending. You will be expected to attend the shift if the Health Facility is able to provide preceptoring as usual. mandatory orientation This page contains information and resources for students participating in clinical placements at Ascension WI. Print and sign the following document and turn in to your school's clinical coordinator prior to the start of the clinical. All student and instructors need to review the information found here: COVID Considerations for Clinical Placements. 2019 News; 2018 News. The Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service applies to all permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time, or casual Queensland Health employees, volunteers, students, contractors, consultants and anyone who works in any other capacity for Queensland Health. As a student, you will have access to sensitive patient information. Queensland Health places an extremely high importance on maintaining patient confidentiality. You will need to learn the applications that apply to your discipline and to the site where you will be working. This course has a 12-month validity. The HHS is responsible for ensuring this occurs within 48 hours of commencing placement. System Check - Queensland Health - iLearn December 12, 2019 Dates for CB … Ministry Saint Clare's Hospital: Computer Based Training (CBT) modules, Ministry Our Lady of Victory Hospital: Computer Based Training (CBT) modules, Clinical Rotation Guidelines (Coming Soon). For the purposes of the NDIS worker screening check, students are treated as volunteers and a fee for the application will not apply. Safe Patient Handling SMART Moves Training Module (For anyone responsible for direct patient care or transport.) Severe Sepsis & Septic Shock: Priorities for Core Measure in Adult Sepsis Patients & Resuscitation. i CONTENTS Introduction ... Student Placement 2. Please ensure that you are aware of your obligations: review the Queensland Code and supporting documents. If you receive an error message upon submitting the confirmation - confirm you entered your name and email correctly. Instructors may be required to attend orientations as required by the agency. Copyright © 2019 Ascension. It is the responsibility of the facility you are attending to know whether you will require a clearance; however, it is important that this is identified early (by your education provider when they negotiate the placement on your behalf), as there is a “no card, no start” requirement. These should be completed before you arrive at your placement site and will help you to: Watch Queue Queue Before you start •Profile matching of students with mentors • Specsavers orientation (retail and professional training) When you start Structured Specsavers on-boarding program • Active follow-up and support from Specsavers Professional Development team • Financial support for all Clinical placement is the period of learning where you get to practice in ‘real’ health care settings and with ‘real’ patients. Rev Nov/2019 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CLINICAL TRAINING MANUAL. The student Before placement As a student,you have a responsibility to: read the HEI Charter and student handbooks.The Graduate Clinical Placement (NP, PA, and Midwifery Students) As of April 22, 2019, VUMC Student Placement will begin preceptor matching for NP, PA, and Midwifery students. Please review the following Ascension information. Part 2 requires you to be aware of and adhere to certain behaviours and knowledge while attending your clinical placement. Your orientation is separated into two parts: Part 1 requires you to do something (such as undertake a course or provide information to your education provider), and. Instructor/Student DEPARTMENTAL ORIENTATION CHECKLIST A. Self-Study: Instructors and students should have reviewed the mandatory online orientation materials and confirmed completion on the MercyOne website. o Clinical Placement Software o Statewide Healthcare Alliance Updates ... Orientation on 8/16/2019. You do not have any specific EHR training. This includes information about standard precautions, sharps safety, and broader infection management advice. If you are unsure of which system your site is located, review our Quick Reference Site Guide or contact your school clinical coordinator or instructor for assistance. After completing the form, you will receive an email with a link to your specific modules and the required login for the training. Non-employees will need to apply for an iLearn student account. Citation. Print the following document before the first day of your clinical experience with your instructor or preceptor. Nondiscrimination Policy  |  Compliance and Standards of Conduct  |  Your privacy rights on this website Some Hospital and Health Services may have additional modules that are site- or profession-specific. Nursing Student Checklist January 2019 Page 1 of 2 This checklist has been developed to assist you with obtaining and safekeeping compulsory conditional evidence documentation and is to be ... Student Clinical Placement Orientation Package (SA Health) (As required) December 13, 2018 2. Clinical ID cards are not the same as JCU Student ID cards. Students are required to meet the NSW Health policy requirements for Student Compliance Requests for Clinical Placement from students outside Australia Bachelor of Nursing & Midwifery students from outside Australia who wish to be considered for elective clinical placement in one of the facilities in SESLHD, will only be considered via an affiliated Education Provider. During your Orientation session, you will be advised and select courses for your first semester. ATTENTION VACCINE CLINIC VOLUNTEERS: Please complete Steps 1, 2, and 5. June 13, 2019 8. To apply for an NDIS worker screening check or find out more information on screening requirements visit Access will only be sent if all necessary compliance requirements have been met. Students may be in groups with a school instructor present or can be precepted by Ascension WI staff directly. NNSWLHD Student Orientation Handbook 2020 3 Version 22 October 2020 NNSWLHD | Organisational Development & Learning | Workforce Student Login Instructions 20 IT Applications 21 eMR – Existing Staff 21 While on Placement – Key Information, Policies & Helpful Tips 21 Breastfeeding During Clinical Placement 21 Care of Valuables 21 Clinical Practice Boundaries 21 During professional experience placement, you must wear your Clinical ID at all times, including placements at the JCU Dental, JCU Health General Practice and JCU Allied Health and Interprofessional Clinics within the JCU Clinical Practices Building. Time: 0730 - 1400 Location: Sibley Memorial Hospital - Education and Training Classroom - Building B 1. Your Queensland Health supervisor will organise a Corrective Services criminal history check if your placement is scheduled to take place within an area providing health services in a corrective services facility. This process is undertaken by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) (external link) , the organisation responsible for the implementation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme across Australia. All rights reserved. Title: Student Orientation Checklist Prompt Doc no: Version no: Reviewed by: Clinical Nurse Educator Last reviewed: 14 Nov 2019 Published date: 26/11/2019 Approved by: Executive Director of Clinical Services Approved date: 21 Nov 2019 Page 1 of 1 Orientation Checklist for Students Name: Clinical Placement: It uses two case studies to illustrate how clinical supervisors and mentors can design clinical placements that enable nursing students to develop their skills, knowledge and self-confidence. Further information will be provided to you by your Queensland Health supervisor when you commence your placement. January 17, 2019 3. The Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (PDF, 1MB) sets out the provisions for access to non-personal information held by Queensland government departments. Orientation requirements are the same for all students, regardless of the educational facility or health program in which they are enrolled. For iLearn courses, you are only permitted to have one (1) account per person. it is the student's responsibility to schedule an interview with the contact person upon receipt of this placement letter. If you still receive an error message, please contact your school coordinator or instructor for assistance. In the absence of documented proof of two full doses, a lab … LAW4803 Placements are hosted by organisations external to Monash University, usually at their premises. Some of this orientation is a requirement of legislation, and others are required by guideline or policy. The majority of the Ascension Wisconsin sites utilize an Electronic Health Record (EHR). If you are required to have an NDIS worker screening check, you will not be able to start your placement until you have received a clearance. LAW4803 Clinical Placement / LAW4811 In House Placement. For more information, email Where the agency conducts a formal student orientation, students must attend and/ or complete the said orientation before participating in a clinical experience.