A balanced combination of nutrient-packed juices, Fear of missing out?Get your weekly DOSE straight to your inbox. Local Roots. Perhaps the new ABV and branding will elevate its profile. Note: Fleur has been revived and vintage bottles may still be found at select outlets. Perfecting a Hard Kombucha is, well, hard! Based in Southern California, Local Roots brews both hard and soft Kombuchas. Their hard line is at 6% ABV and includes fun cocktail based flavors like Strawberry Mojito, Cali Mule and Booch Mosa. Boasting a 6.5% ABV, Mava Roka (Maple Vanilla Rooibos Kombucha Ale) was a sweet-sour brew that started off as a vanilla rooibos tea Kombucha in oak casks. Each pick features bold flavors coming from fruit, herbs, and spices that help balance the beverage's natural acidity. Daily Organics described its drink as a living health tonic. Were also keen to get our hands on the limited edition Spiced Gingerbread, which is exclusively available at Waitrose. Sustainably sourced from the Pico Preto plant. Some brands even purposefully make higher percentage kombucha with drinks containing as much as 7% alcohol. In a world of many choices, some products dont always continue to make the cut and are retired from the repertoire. They combine the flavors of an IPA (india pale ale) with Kombucha. Regular kombucha has less than 0.5% of alcohol, but hard kombucha is much different. Beer brewers have been experimenting with Kombucha. And the Beer? Left Field pride themselves on their unfiltered, raw kombucha, unsullied with juices or flavourings. They have several flavors with more exotic profiles including Palo Santo Blueberry and Lychee Lime. These are the five best Kombucha brands to try in 2021. It was originally established as a guilt-free feasting (and drinking) binge day during Lent. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Price: $3.99. The 11 best kombucha brands you can buy. Good Buzz marketed its live cultured soda as containing millions of gut lovin probiotics. One such beverage was a pioneer in its heyday, Fleur, This hibiscus tea Kombucha beer brewed by Goose Island Brewery in Chicago. Enjoy a look back at Tom, John and the pink SCOBYs of Fleur! Our Flavors. We keep it real. Historically, the drink originated in China and was popularized by a Korean doctor named Kombu. It makes its flagship flavours by infusing its raw kombucha with medicinal-grade herbs, extracts and essences. Lambrucha features a sparkly orange-caramel colored liquid and a foamy head with a light lemony scent. The freshness you taste? Brewed in Vermont by Jeff Weaber and crew, these flavors come in at 5% ABV and is brewed using organic ingredients. They started by brewing at home and selling at local events, health food stores, co-ops, and farmers markets. As in, kombucha that intentionally contains higher amounts of alcohol. Brand Name - Unity Vibrations Kombucha Beer About The Brand - Unity kombucha are a kombucha brewing company that is based out of Michigan, USA. We recommend heading to its taproom in Hackney Wick to sample them all when were allowed out again! Below, we've rounded up the best kombucha brands offering the lowest-sugar picks on the market. The company strives to make kombucha that is 100% healthy for you. You can use any ginger-flavored kombucha, but taste for sweetness since every brand is different. Wake up to more beautiful looking skin. Equinox Kombucha is craft brewed in West Yorkshire using the finest organic Chun-Mee green tea, pure spring water and raw cane sugar. But usually, the yeast and bacteria present keep the levels low. Reviews claim it tastes like a shandy but better! Based in the Bay Area and named after one of the founders wifes bunny, Dr Hops Kombucha Beer ranges in alcohol from a more sessionable 5% ABV of their Binky flavor featuring basil and lemongrass to the harder Jackalope at 9% ABV that was inspired by the Moscow Mule with flavors of ginger, lime and mint. Lambrucha finishes on a lemony citrus note with just a hint of apples or cucumber that cleanses the palate. Although kombucha that doesnt require I.D. Kombucha Kamp 2007-2021 | All Rights Reserved | Conditions of Use Changing the World One Gut at a Time , SIGN UP FOR FREE DIY GUIDE AND KOMBUCHA TIPS. Overall, kombucha sales in the U.S. this year will be around $600 million, with projections for 25 percent annual growth. Find it wherever GTs Classic Kombucha is available. Lo Bros. For the city goers out there living on the edge or living their best life, Lo Bros is There are four blends to choose from; Original to balance, Turmeric to brighten, Korean Ginseng to boost and Fresh Mint to revive. It does contain trace amounts of alcohol due to the fermentation process. Try the Trend: Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha: Ginger, Lemon & Hibiscus; Passion Fruit, Hops & Blood Orange; Juneshine Hard Kombucha: Blood Orange Mint, Acai Berry; BOOCHCRAFT Organic Hard Kombucha: Grapefruit Hibiscus; Kombrewcha Hard Kombucha: Ginger Lemon; Wild Tonic Hard Kombucha: Blueberry Basil, Mango Ginger; Jiant Hard Kombucha: The Original, Hicamaya; hard kombucha A destination for healthy hedonists that fuses the worlds of fitness, healthy food and drink. An acronym for Kombucha Yeast Lactobacillus Acetobacter, this hard Kombucha offering from Full Sail Brewing in Hood River in Oregon is low sugar thanks to the addition of stevia. It receives reviews as a great session beer. And more recently Australian producer Buchi recalled its kombucha drinks from stockists due to it containing alcohol at potentially intoxicating levels. Some brands even purposefully make higher percentage kombucha with drinks containing as much as 7% alcohol. Remedy Kombucha is the brainchild of Melbourne-based husband and wife team, Emmet and Sarah Condon, who started making kombucha on their kitchen table. Try/Buy Near You. The flavor profile is smooth but lacks that Kombucha bite which some may prefer. Kombucha brands have been popping up with new alcoholic brews containing anywhere from 3% to 8% ABV. The labeling discrepancy that forced many Kombucha manufacturers to reformulate in 2011 yielded some creative new offerings. The packaging is cool and the flavors sound delicious! At 4.5% ABV and in three flavors, this can work with nearly any low carb, gluten free, sugar free dietary restrictions. With proper branding, your company can get a step closer towards building a reputable image, too. B-tea Raw Organic Kombucha. Brew Dr. is another of Clarkes favorite kombucha brands. What you might hear less about is the residual alcohol that all kombucha often considered a healthy beverage choice contains. Brewed in San Diego, Boochcraft was inspired to brew Kombucha beer after finding the recipe in The Big Book of Kombucha according to founder, Adam Hiner. Like many bottled beverages, some companies have co-opted the drink and added way too much sweetness to it in order to appeal to more people. Boochcraft organic hard kombucha is crafted with only real ingredients, no compromises. With brewery license in hand, they created the first Kombucha Ale for the commercial market. His latest offerings in his Classic Kombucha line (over 21, usually 1-2% ABV) go one step closer to hard featuring 3 new flavors at 3% ABV including Heavenly Hops, Pina Paradise & New World Noir which make up his new Classic Gold line of Kombuchas. It has had a tough time finding its niche in the market and recently reformulated from 3.4% ABV to 4.4% ABV. Bottle size: 16 oz. Then they add a hint of ginger for a refreshing beverage with 5% ABV. 20% of all proceeds go to the charity, Made with super plush Fresh Foam midsole cushioning, this design is engineered for responsive lightweight comfort, A next-generation mask working to smooth skin texture & minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pores, An invigorating shower gel that cleanses while leaving the body feeling revived and recharged. Full of flavor without the hangover, these make a terrific substitute for beer or wine with natural sparkle. Featuring an ABV of 5.6% and a range of fruity flavors, its easy to forget that its alcoholic. With only a 3.5% alcohol content, the first sip reveals a crisp sour brew that is mildly malty and yeasty with the taste of overripe fruit. UVLT Kombucha beer is available across the United States. Whichever brand you choose, its important to keep tabs on your nutritional facts and serving We enjoy it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with snacks or on its own, before working out or after, with savory or sweet flavors, mixed into a cocktail; theres literally no end to the combinations and possibilities! Delish! It is now one of the biggest kombucha brands in Australia and it stocks four of its flavours in the UK (Apple Crisp, Cherry Plum, Ginger Lemon and Raspberry Lemonade). Health-Ade Kombucha has been sued for the second time in a month this time in a complaint alleging its fermented beverages contain four to six times the sugar levels stated on pack. Their Bourbon Peach has won several awards and they continue to develop new flavors and varieties of Kombucha beer. Most of them are naturally gluten-free because Kombucha is a tea and sugar ferment. The light honey flavor provides a crisp background for the fruits, herbs and flowers infused into Wild Tonic. Smooth, stretchy and comfortable, Supporting and enhancing skin's natural nightime renewal. From laptop to gym kit, there is room for everything wherever you are going, Gently cleanses and provides weightless, long-lasting nourishment while infusing hair. As weve discussed before, Kombucha and beer are similar ferments, especially Lambic beers, and can be combined into one powerhouse beverage, if done correctly. It depends. In an attempt to bring consumers greater sober options so they could rejoin the party, Begg founded Real Kombucha , and its safe to say hes achieved his goal. GTs Enlightened Kombucha* GTs Enlightened Kombucha arguably started the recent Kombucha The alcohol content is 6% ABV. Perhaps thats because it can be found primarily in New York and Florida.